Realize your vision. and integrates all our features
Consultancy, objectives and targets
Brainstorming between Dinobros and the customer on the definition of the objectives and the target to be achieved for the creation of an ad hoc advergame.
Tailor-made video games
Cared for in detail and with mechanics based on the target audience
Games accessible from any device thanks to a simple link or a QR Code. Smartphone, tablet, desktop
Challenge/Rankings or Competitions
Insertion of Rankings to put users in competition or entry of Prize Giveaways, GDPR compliance
Online and offline promotion
Creation of ad hoc content for online and offline game communication
Detailed report
Report on game statistics (variables based on the game, e.g. lead, playing time, etc.)
Do you want a ready-made game? Choose one of our ReadyGames
Choose one or more ReadyGames
Select the one that best suits you or your customer's needs
Choose the game
Organize a call
Schedule a call to discuss details and questions
Choose the game
Send us the graphics and CTA
Share the elements to make your video game unique
Choose the game
3D Games
Not just 2D. Extend your vision to another dimension
Click to shoot
Multiplayer Games
Not just SinglePlayer. Live the experience of playing all together.
Magic dashboard. Access all statistics in real time